The Last Days of a Wild Winter

Winter is not my favorite season. Living in eastern Pennsylvania, late March and April feels like a dead zone of seasonal change. Most plants and trees are bare or dead, and the sky is always gray. There is a beauty to it that I love, though I feel I’m in the minority with that opinion.

This was not a typical winter and I feel compelled to document it.

My life has changed significantly over the past few years, from going through a long marriage, separation and divorce, to being single, to meeting a woman who is fully supportive of my goals. I’m still not used to the feeling of having someone on my side, in my corner cheering me on.

Professionally, I continue to tackle new challenges in graphic design. I’ve been able to learn new formats and make them work to my advantage, while continuing to deliver a level of work that I can say that I’m proud of. It’s always hard work to keep deadlines, and adjust to the fast-pace of the office. Sometimes I forget about my atypical career path. There was a time where I questioned if I was ever going to be a “real graphic designer.” It’s been two decades. It’s safe to say that I am, and that I always have been since day one.

This winter saw the rekindling of my interest in writing. Before December, even my interest in science fiction writing had waned. I’ve gone through this ebb and flow of writing interest before, but this is the first time in a long time that I’ve taken action to foster it. I’m excited to see what I will produce and how far I can take things with this blog. I haven’t had a corner of the internet in a long time.

Taking further action in relearning web development and being inspired by the indiweb, I felt inspired to put these skills to use as I learn them. Starting this blog is a source for creating a writing habit and creating accountability. It will serve as a timeline of improvements and changes.

My takeaway from this past winter is a lesson that I’ve learned over and over. Taking action and being consistent is key to building the artistic and productive life you want. It’s not enough to want it. You have to take the necessary steps to make them happen, no matter what.

Special sidenote: If there’s anyone in your life who doubts you, doesn’t support you, or thinks any of your aspirations are something to make fun of… eject them from your life. Plain and simple. You don’t need them. It’s hard enough to live and work with someone who does not support you. Trust me.

It’s been a wild winter, with no signs of slowing down.

Luis Vazquez @vazquez