A Return to Form

Today I turned 46. I haven’t blogged since May, which is par for the course, whenever I start a blog. That is not to say that I don’t finish what I start. My full-time job runs on meeting deadlines. When it comes to self-imposed deadlines, I can certainly make improvements.

However, my excuses are legitimate. Life got so busy that I fell out of habit with micro.blog and Mastodon. That is not to say that I haven’t been producing creative work. I’ve produced a lot over the past five months. I just haven’t been sharing my experiences, which I regret, now that I think about it.

My life has changed so much since May. I am not going to share every detail right now (which is counter-intuitive to why this blog exists) but, I can share a few things. Since no one reads this but me, I’m comfortable with sprinkling these details in the coming days and weeks, as I try my hardest to get back into a regular writing habit.

In the creative work area: over the summer I made a conscious decision to focus on graphic design, as several major projects for work required a lot more creative energy. That decision extended to blogging… a decision I now regret. In any case, I focused on what I can do to elevate the level of design that I can produce. I took deep dives into design history. I dissected and studied the work of my favorite designers and researched decision making, especially in layout design and creative theory. Putting those things into practice was tough, but I pushed myself. My hardest critic (me) was not fully satisfied, but this endeavor is still a work in progress.

While my fiction writing aspirations took a break, they never fully left my mind. I occasionally write down story ideas and have been saving them. This is a habit that has never been broken. I’m still taking in a healthy dose of science fiction as I move forward. Science fiction writing is my dream, and it’s something that will never waver, no matter what is going on in my life. Starting is the hardest part, though.

Emotional work: I don’t feel comfortable sharing many details about this, but I can say that I’ve made some progress. I’m still learning, and still trying to understand how to navigate emotions, expression and relationships (both personal and professional.) Sometimes I feel like I’ve made no progress at all. The ebb and flow of emotional management is sometimes very tricky.

Today I turned 46 years old. My life has changed significantly over the past few months, and it’s only going to continue in that direction. The point I have yet to make is that this is a GOOD direction. I’m happy, and I wouldn’t change any of it. I have more musings on turning 46, but I will save that for another post. I have people who love me, and I have things to do.

It’s good to be back!

Luis Vazquez @vazquez